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READ ABOUT ¡VivaColores!

"The book is less about the country itself--a decade removed from a brutal civil war and slowly reviving--than about some of the remarkable people you might meet on a visit there." Wall Street Journal

"¡Viva Colores! is a joyful book, a celebratory book, a visual ode to the human spirit." In Mama's Kitchen

"The role of documentary photography is as vital during times of peace as during times of upheaval." Focus Magazine

"Their unconquerable spirit is obvious in what the authors rightly describe as a “cacophony of color that assaults you.” Marin Magazine

"Photographer Paola Gianturco and writer David Hill brilliantly pay homage to the invincible nation by photographing its lush landscapes and everyday heroes." New York Post

"Paola Gianturco and David Hill gave their book an appropriately exuberant title, but they easily could have named it also for the most compelling aspect of Gianturco’s vivid photos, the smiles." Washington Post

"La fotógrafa Paola Gianturco y el escritor David Hill han plasmado las expresiones culturales del pueblo guatemalteco en el libro ¡Viva colores!"
El Diario Online (en Español)

"Este libro es un proyecto que me salió del corazón", manifestó la artista. Associated Press (en Español)

"¡Viva Colores! is a joyful book, a celebratory book, a visual ode to the human spirit."

"The feeling of optimism in ¡Viva Colores! is greatly enhanced by the imaages." Ixchel Museum

"The bilingual text profiles 41 individuals making a difference." San Francisco Chronicle

"A beautifully made book; recommended for all libraries holding strong Latin American and photographic collections." Criticas Magazine


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