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Paola Gianturco is an author/photographer who has documented women’s lives in 55 countries, had five books published. ¡Viva Colores! was Gianturco’s third book published by powerHouse Books.

Her involvement with women’s issues is long standing. She has lectured about them in the US, Canada, France and Spain. She spoke at UNESCO International Headquarters in Paris on International Women’ s Day 2008; her photographs were exhibited there in 2009 and 2011. Paola co-developed and taught Executive Institutes on Women and Leadership at Stanford University, and served on the Board of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). She was a principal in the first women-owned advertising agency in the United States and is a current member of International Women’s Forum. Learn more about Paola>

Photo of Paola Gianturco
Photo credit: CCTV America


For the past 12 years, Hill has been “Yonder,” a one-person resource “for people who know how much good thinking and writing can help.” For the previous 15, he headed Saatchi Corporate Communications, a company he co-founded. Prior to that, he worked for the Dancer Fitzgerald Sample advertising agency as a “copy contact.” Hill is the author of two other books (Great Corporate Ads Are Made Not Born and Getting Heard: The Science and Art of Effective Communications); many magazine and newspaper articles; several corporate films; a blog (www.yonderhill.net) and countless op-eds. He is also a former chairman of KQED, Inc., a San Francisco Bay Area public broadcasting company; a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst; an ex-Golden Gate University adjunct professor; and a one-time Foreign Service Officer with a lifelong interest in international relations and international travel.

Photo of David Hill


Kiki Bauer was born in Berlin, Germany. After graduating from Lette-Verein Design School in Berlin she moved to New York where she is now working as Senior Designer at powerHouse Books. She won an Art Director's Club award for John Coplans' A Body (powerHouse Books 2002).

  Photo of Kiki Bauer


Spanish translation for the book provided by Patricio Tapia. For information about Señor Tapia's Spanish language classes, go to: http://www.spanishinmarin.com

  Patricio Tapia
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