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10.Deep days ago announced its VCTRY sport new quarter. A new series of injection and color stitching navigation elements, including Jacket, Hoodies and jogging pants, a number of single product, head of raincoat, bright colors and embroidery Dad Cap Polo shirt has become the focus of doing my part. VCTRY 2017 new products will be landed in in March 22nd; 10.Deep online stores and designated stores.

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nowadays, running has become the most fashionable and popular sport mode. Whenever we are in the morning or at night, we can see many runners running in the streets or parks. Running as a form of exercise of the simplest and most economical, compared to other sports, low threshold, but for the long-term running of friends, often encounter some small injuries, more common with knee joint pain, cause the biggest pain is running when the foot on the ground the problem.

what is the course of the foot from the ground to the ground while running? Is it the front foot or the heel? I believe that you have heard many versions of the interpretation through different channels. In fact, these two ways are correct, but are used in different running projects.

our familiar running can be roughly divided into two kinds, sprint and long run, and different running items have different requirements for running posture. Sprinter we often think of the technique of applying the front foot to the ground. I believe that when you are in primary school, the teacher tells the position of sprint, and the heel is not on the ground when you push the ground. To be precise, sprint is not landing on the front foot, but at the moment of landing. It's active pedaling. It offsets the process of landing on the forefoot and cushioning down the pressure. It uses elasticity to push the body away from the ground faster, and it can also reduce the strain of the posterior femoral muscles. Most runners are training for long distance running, that is, jogging. Jogging is not as fast as a sprinter, and it can quickly move away from the ground by pedaling through the front feet. In jogging, the feet on the ground are much more time than the sprint. If the forefoot touchs the ground first, it will not form the "arc" in the running process, so that it can move forward with the help of body inertia. For many people who lose weight, each step of the knee will bear several times the weight of the weight, and it is easy to damage the knee for a long time. Therefore, in jogging, we should move the hind foot to the ground, and then gradually transition to the front foot to form a force transmission to alleviate the pressure on the knee caused by the fluctuation of gravity.

someone said that the following heel first landed with braking effect, in fact, the real braking effect of the landing way is not the heel landing, but the front foot. Why do you say, because before the foot landing of anterior tibial muscle is relaxed, that is to say the ankle particularly unstable, it is possible to turn. When the foot hits the ground, the triceps of the calf responds to the downward impact, that is to say, the Achilles tendon and the triceps of the calf will do a lot of sudden impact. You can think about how many feet each foot should be landing on a long run and how great the impact will be on the Achilles tendon.

, at last, the editor reminded you that the temperature in the outdoor area is decreasing in winter, so we must keep warm when running, so as not to cause cold due to sweating. Although the running is good, but should pay attention to the running posture and the reasonable nutrition supplement, only the scientific training, can enjoy the pleasure that the exercise brings limitless, in running >

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